Hi guys. Welcome to my dx web site

I have been Dxing since 1976 and most of my dx has been done in Australia. In 2006 my family and I moved to The Netherlands. Coming to Europe after 30 years of Dxing in the Southern Hemisphere was certainly quite a culture shock.

In Australia we would travel several times a year to remote regions free of noise. In fact most of the dx was done on battery and beverage antenna’s were huge. 1400 metres was not uncommon but mostly the antennas were out 700 – 800 metres. We had a very low noise threshold. Bands were not as cluttered and there were only a handful of 50 kilowatt ABC stations to bother us. However dx was not always that easy. Australia is a land a long way away from Europe, USA, South America etc and signals often landed on multiple hops.

Parnka Point - The Coorong

Dxing from home was certainly a lot easier and noise levels were nowhere near as bad. We lived in stand alone homes and neighbors were separated by fences. Life was good and we even had room for KAZ antennas in our backyards and even had swimming pools.

So here I am in Europe. The bands are crowded, propagation is different and of course we live in an apartment with families all around us including above. So noise levels are woeful. You can even hear the cat upstairs fart.

But luckily I am able to go on several dx trips a year here. I belong to DX Antwerp and the Belgian guys are very active when it comes to dx. So it’s been a pleasure to be involved in the Walsoorden and Kasterlee DXpeditions.

Sadly I am now only a DXpedition dxer. This means three trips per year. However that’s probably enough these days because with a Perseus it takes you ages to go through recordings.

On these pages you will find current DXpeditions to Walsoorden and Kasterlee and also past dx trips in Australia to Gove in the Northern Territory, Woodside, Marlo, Cape Otway and The Coorong.


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