Interesting Antennas

I had the opportunity to do some roaming around North Holland the past few days in particular at Den Helder where the Dutch have their Military base (Marine). I have always been fascinated in some of the antennas that they use and decided to take some photos.

Dave and Karin Onley wandering around Den Helder
Interesting antennas at Huisduinen right on the coast
The antennas above were amongst the dunes at Huisduinen. Very interesting arrays of antennas. I’d be interested to know what they are used for and at what frequency. Anyone know?
The following antennas are situated not far from the Den Helder airport on Miltary land. To get there is quite easy along an old farm track. Some interesting antennas also. I’d love to know what frequencies they are used for. I’ve been trying to locate the Navtex transmitter on 518 khz. I wonder if any of these are for that service? Probably.

About Dave Onley

I'm an Australian dxer formerly of Melbourne who has been listening to radio since 1976. I have lived in The Netherlands since 2006. I am interested mainly in Mediumwave, Navtex, FM and NDB. I also like Tropical Band Dx and Shortwave. I'm a big DXpeditioner. I travel to remote regions several times per year to hear good dx.
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