A few loggings from last night

The conditions were better then yesterday.
We had some nice catches from Latin America like R Alcaravan 5910; R Sta Cruz 6134.8, R Mosoj Chasi  3310, R Pio XII 5952.5, R Marumby 6080 too.
Also Conakry on 7125 kHz was really going strong  at 2235 and the Australians on 4835 and 5025 at 2130 UTC made Dave home sick.

Paul was also very busy… Take a look here here.

About Dave Onley

I'm an Australian dxer formerly of Melbourne who has been listening to radio since 1976. I have lived in The Netherlands since 2006. I am interested mainly in Mediumwave, Navtex, FM and NDB. I also like Tropical Band Dx and Shortwave. I'm a big DXpeditioner. I travel to remote regions several times per year to hear good dx.
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1 Response to A few loggings from last night

  1. Dave Onley says:

    Yes Guido but I didn't exactly head for the Fosters in the fridge. The Whiskey was better to drown my sorrows. Lovely dx though.

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