Marc van Leemputten’s Shortwave logs

The morning after – Marc checking all his loggings from a great nights listening

Marc van Leemputten has been concentrating on the higher frequencies taking advantage of the amateur antennas. He has been using the 15, 20 and 40 meter beams with his HF 225 and NRD 535 receivers.
Some fine work Marc.

Marc’s setup


587522.0025-06-11THABBC (Nakhon Sawa) ann & nxE33232

590522.1025-06-11OMABBC (A’Seela)  abt Taiwan’s fear after joining China // 5875E45433

593520.2025-06-11AFSBBC (Meyerton) // 5875E44232

712522.5025-06-11GNER Conacry abt death of Guinean comedianF23222

1748506.4026-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) chinese soft mx & e-mail addressA45454

1749012.1024-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) abt financial crisis of the Euro zoneE34333

1750512.2024-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) Philipino speech, ann & frequencies stop 12.27TG24333

1752007.0025-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) ann & chinese speechCh24232

1752018.5025-06-11USAWHRI (Furman creek) Rx song & english annE24333

1753013.3024-06-11KWTR Sawa (Kuwait) Oriental pop mx & annA34444

1753007.1025-06-11MDGVOA (Talata Volonondry) ann, haussa speech & tribal mxHa23131

1753019.0025-06-11STPVOA (Pinheira) ann & jazz mxF24333s

1754015.3024-06-11KWTR Sawa (Kuwait) Oriental & western pop mx & e-mail addressA34433

1754514.4024-06-11BOTVOA (Moepeng Hill) About the business model of al qaeda & annE24333

1755007.2025-06-11CHNCNR1 (Bejing) chinese speech in typical CRI formatCH14232

1755022.1025-06-11KWTR Kuwait (Sulaibiyah)(tent arab speechA34333181HF22515 m beam

1756013.2024-06-11IRNIRIB (Kamalabad) malay speech & e-mail address stop 13.28My24333

1756008.5025-06-11CHNCRI (Xian) Chinese soft mx & annCh24322

1756022.2025-06-11CUBR Habana Cuba (Habana) tennis & annSP24333

1757009.0025-06-11CHNCRI (Urumqui) ann & english nx (co chann int BSKSA)E32332

1758015.4024-06-11ASCWYFR (Ascension) family bible readingE33232

1758009.1025-06-11CHNCNR (Lingshi)  chinese speech //17550Ch24232

1758519.1025-06-11ASCWYFR (Ascension) bible readingF24343

1759513.4024-06-11EREE (Noblejas) abt economic situation in S AmericaSP24333

1760509.2025-06-11CHNCNR (Bejing)  chinese speech & ann //17580Ch24322

1761019.2025-06-11PORDW (Sines) german female football team is going for the world championship E 34343

1761513.5024-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh) arab speechA23333

1762014.0024-06-11FRFI (Issoudun) ann & nxF22332

1764014.0024-06-11ASCBBC (Asc) ann & nxE23131

1766015.5024-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh) fanatic ranting about chastity translated in French & annF 33232

1768017.1025-06-11CHLChristian Voice (Santiago) spanish speech & annSp24232

1769017.0025-06-11GWYFR (woofferton) ann, gospel mx & turkish speechT24333

1771516.0024-06-11EREE (Noblejas) ann & nxSp45555181HF 22515 m beam

1772009.3025-06-11PAKR Pakistan (Islamabad) urdu speech & mx. English annU24232

1772512.3024-06-11LBYVoice of Africa (Sabrata) Swahili speech abt liberation of opressed African people Sh24333

1772522.3025-06-11USAWYFR (Okeechobee) rx speech in Port & ann PR23232

1773008.4025-06-11PHLR Free Europe (Tinang) russian speech& e-mail addressR13232

1773516.1024-06-11FNHK Japan (Issoudun) Japanese speech & annJ35433

1773519.3025-06-11CANR canada int (Sackville) culture in fench speaking CanadaF35242

1774516.2024-06-11PORSudan Radio Service (Sines) afro mx & annX34343

1775008.5025-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) ann & about CRI languagesE13121

1775514.0025-06-11EREE (Noblejas) ann & nxSP34343

1776513.5025-06-11CVARadio Vaticana (Sta Maria di Galleria) viet speech , mx & ann V 24232

1778016.3024-06-11PORD Welle (Sines )Amharic speech, afro mx & annX34333

1778510.0025-06-11ROUR Romania (Tiganesti) ann & nxF24343

1779013.4025-06-11THABBC(Nakhon sawan) Business reportE23131

1779516.4024-06-11ASCBBC (Asc) sports world, footballE34333

1780013.2025-06-11RRWDW (Kigali) Haussa speech //17820Ha23232

1780510.1025-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh) arab mxA24322

1782013.1025-06-11PORDW (Sines) Haussa speech & DW tuneHa34333

1782022.4025-06-11USADW (Cypress creek) ann & german lessonG23232

1783016.5024-06-11ASCBBC (Asc) sports world, football // 17795E34333

1784010.1025-06-11KWTR Free Asia (Kuwait)(tent) speech in Asian languageX23333

1785017.0024-06-11FRFI (Issoudun) ann & nxF24333

1787010.2025-06-11THABBC (Nakhon Sawa) (tent) very faint english speechE13111

1788010.3025-06-11KWTR Sawa (Kuwait) ann, oriental & western pop mxA24333

1789510.4025-06-11INDAIR (Bangaluru) hindu mx & english annE24232

1789513.0025-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh) ann & nxA34333

2147011.5024-06-11CYPBBC (Limassol) world topics & tuneE13222

2150006.2026-06-11MRAR Free Asia)(Tinian) tibetan speechX55544

2150512.0024-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh)(tent) arab speechA24333

2152011.4024-06-11IRNVOIRI (Sirjan) Haussa speech abt qouran & annHa24333

2153010.3024-06-11ARSBSKSA (Riyaadh) Urdu speech & annU24232

2153010.5025-06-11CHNFiredrake jammerMa55544

2154010.4024-06-11EREE (Noblejas) About arts in EuropeSP45444

2155006.3026-06-11MRAR Free Asia)(Tinian) tibetan speech // 21500X24232

2161010.5024-06-11EREE (Noblejas) spanish speech not // 21540SP35555

2163011.0025-06-11IRNVOIRI (kamalabad) propaganda interview with jewish woman abt Palestinians E 34333

2167012.3025-06-11IRNIRIB (Sirjan) malay speech & annMy35333181HF22515 m beam

2169006.4025-06-11UAER Free Asia (Dhabbaya)(tent) speech in Asian languageX12131

2169018.4025-06-11GUFRFI (Montsinéry) abt re-election of Hugo chavez and Cuba  F34333

2175011.3024-06-11IRNVOIRI (Sirjan) Haussa speech & ann Ha14131

2178013.1024-06-11RRWD Welle (Kigali) Haussa speech & DW tuneHa23232

2184012.1025-06-11PORDW (Sines) about algae as alternative source of proteins G 35555

1751506.5026-06-11CHNCRI (Kashi) Chinese lesson I 45444


About Dave Onley

I'm an Australian dxer formerly of Melbourne who has been listening to radio since 1976. I have lived in The Netherlands since 2006. I am interested mainly in Mediumwave, Navtex, FM and NDB. I also like Tropical Band Dx and Shortwave. I'm a big DXpeditioner. I travel to remote regions several times per year to hear good dx.
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