DX Audio

Here are a collection of dx clippings that I have made over the years. I do have hundreds and probably thousands of hours worth of dx on old C90 cassette tapes and I really must work on getting them onto disk before they turn to dust. This is an ongoing project and I will underline any new files that I have uploaded. Most of the files on this site especially from Asia and the Pacific were recorded on DXpeditions in Australia. I was fortunate to dx from very remote regions where the noise floor was quite low. However Australia is a long way away from the rest of the world in any direction and this is why I regard a lot of  this dx as good, given the distances. I still believe in that old saying “Location Location”

My recording gear is pretty basic. Back in the good old days I had a good quality cassette deck and even just the old style push button cassette recorders. How did we ever dx like that? These days I have my Iriver mp3 recorder and also my now outdated Sharp Mini Disk recorder. I still love my mini disk recorder however it is time consuming to record the entire disk onto the pc and then go through the loggings.

I still prefer using Cool Edit Pro software. Sadly it only runs well on Windows XP and i have had to start using Adobe Audition 2. I have tried all the other software but Audition 2 is not as heavy as the later editions and it does what I want it to. It has some nice filters especially when it comes to recording the old C90 tapes. Hiss and pop removers and also noise reducing filters.

These days of course my main receiver is the Perseus SDR which is an amazing radio. Very hard disk intensive but the filtering is great. So it is very easy to run perseus and transer everything directly to mp3.

Most of the Asian and Pacific files were heard from Australia.



Marshall Islands


  • 612 KUAM Guam 1100 UTC 25-6-2006,  Distance 2977 km. Gove – N.T. Australia
  • 567 KGUM Guam Heard at 1059 UTC 25-6-2006. Distance of reception 2977km. 17 degrees and the station is 10kw.,  Gove – N.T. Australia







New Zealand



São Tomé e Principe


Papua New Guinea



  • 850 JBC Radio One (Offline) Jamaica 0800 14-6-1993 Marlo – Eastern Victoria



  • 590 KSSK Honolulu, Hawaii. 7.5kw Gove, N.T. Australia
  • 1270 KNDI Honolulu HI Heard here at 1120 UTC on 25 June 2006. This was playing some heavy music at the time. Distance is: 8046km. Gove, N.T. Australia
  • 1500 KUMU Honolulu HI (Now KHKA) in Honolulu Hawaii. This was heard at 0905 UTC on 25 June 2006. Distance is 8045km at 63 degrees. The station is 10kw. Gove, N.T. Australia


Middle East


Shortwave and Tropical Bands



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