I have been a very active DXpeditioner for as long as I can remember. I must be a veteran of at least 70 or so over the years. So why DXpeditions? If you really enjoy receiving the exotic long distance dx then you really must get away to remote regions.

Getting out of the cities and into rural areas is good for a whole host of reasons. Firstly you are able to put out antennas that you would never be able to at home. You can then aim an antenna like a beverage directly at the area of the world you wish to listen. In general terms a beverage antenna can be anywhere from 200 to 1000 metres in length. The longest antenna I ever put out was 1400 metres at Woodside Beach during the 90’s.

The antenna although very important is not the only consideration. You must think about what time of year it is. The winter months are the best with lots of darkness. So planning what you want to hear seasonally is important as well.

At home in the suburbs you get a lot of man-made noise such as power mains, computers, TV’s, light dimmers, Fluro lights etc. The list grows each year and dxing from home gets harder and harder because of the noise. Getting to rural areas you can (if lucky) get a very low noise floor. So basically if you have a nice antenna up and its a quiet location you will on most occassions hear dx that you won’t at home. And if you are real lucky and propagation allows you can how an absolute harvest of stations. I have actually experienced “Panic DX” when we couldn’t tune the dial fast enough. OH for a Perseus back in the old days.

So this page takes you on a bit of a visit to some of the dx sites we have used over the years.

  • Walsoorden – Zeeland (The Netherlands) – property of well known Dutch amateur radio operator Erik Vervaet PI4DX.
  • Echten – Drenthe Provincie (The Netherlands) Rented vakantie home
  • Kasterlee – Belgium
  • Parnka Point – The Coorong National Park – South Australia (Tent DXing)
  • Long Point – The Coorong National Park – South Australia (Strathalbyn Fishing Hut)
  • Nhulunbuy – The Gove Peninsula is at the northeastern corner of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia.
  • Woodside Beach – Eastern Victoria, Australia. Two locations – Foatie’s Hut and backbeach swamp.
  • Point Ricardo, Marlo, Eastern Victoria, Australia. Tent and car Dxing
  • Cape Otway, Western Victoria, Australia (Shipwreck Coast) Tent Dxing
  • Junction Hill, Victoria Australia (North of Melbourne near Flowerdale)

Beverage antenna

Beverage at Walsoorden