FM DXing

I began my FM / TV Dxing in Melbourne, Australia somewhere in the 90’s. It was through my friendship with David Headland, that I took an interest in Sporadic E dx. I suppose I have always been a seasonal dxer and really only concentrated on FM during the summer months. However in recent times with such complex weather fronts in Europe, tropo dx can be very interesting indeed.

I was never a great TV dxer but that was because of the lack of a decent antenna. I would have loved a super crossfire antenna but it never grabbed me as much as the FM. It was fun however seeing TV images from New Zealand and from Tamworth in Queensland on Channels 0 and 1. In particular when our local feed of summer cricket was cut off. The signal always tended to fade when a wicket would fall.

For many years now I have used a Marantz tuner that I bought from Geoff Wolfe in Australia, but a year back I was able to purchase a Kenwood KT 6040 tuner which I have modified with better filters for dx. I have Murata filters 110 and 80. It makes a wonderful difference in narrow mode however its not great for RDS decodes, I have to revert to Normal or Wide mode for decodes. I use the Conrad RDS reader and this goes to the PC via the Com Port.. Sadly its difficult to use the Conrad with a laptop. It has something to do with a chip and the guy who has all the information on how to do the mod is unwilling to share it with anybody. I would love to be able to use my Kenwood KT6040 automatically with the mod, but it seems we are held ransom by one man who refuses to help anymore. So frustrating and sad for the dx community. I wish he would pass the info onto somebody else and make it open source.

Up until this year I had been using a 9 element log periodic antenna that Dave Headland constructed many years ago. It has worked wonderfully well and I would often change it from vertical to horizontal and have it at 45 degrees to get a bit of both. I also have a 7 element Digitek Yagi antenna that I bought in Geelong, back in Australia. To be honest it has been a very disappointing antenna for dx purposes and it now sits in the shed gathering dust. Today I am using a Fuba Yagi that Marc Van Ingelghem gave me and the results have been wonderful. Its quite a sharp antenna.

My dx shack in Holland with the Log Periodic.

The Digitek 7 element Yagi – Looked great but not a performer

Here in Europe I use Gunter Lorenz’s FMList database If you do not use this wonderful site then you really should have a look at it. You can search all frequencies including the OIRT band and you can download database files for the FM Perseus, RSDX software and also just a pdf of stations. Best of all you get to share logs with others and can do bandscans and logs from multiple locations. FM Visual logbook is a great tool to see all the latest logs.

I also use DX Sherlock which is a wonderful indicator of when dx is about. You can see the latest MUF’s or check to see what activity is happening on VHF. Until recently it was mainly for hams but Gunter Lorenz has enabled the FM List logs to be shown

Latest logs
Dave Onley, HOL-2531CB Den Haag
Kenwood KT 6040, Perseus, Icom R75,  Realistic Pro 2004 scanner Fuba, 9 Element log periodic (Horizontal)  - 7 Element Yagi (Vertical) Basic dipole for OIRT
Australian Dxer from Melbourne, Australia living in The Netherlands since 2006.
MHz	UTC	ITU	Program + Location	Details	Remarks	km
 88.00	0907	TUR	Radyo 34, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)	// web		2240 km
 88.00	0921	GRC	NET 105,8, Thessaloniki/Hortiatis (cmc-tsk)		PI:1201 PS:ERT_NET_	1916 km
 90.00	0929	E	RNE R.Clásica, Cambil/Sierra de Almadén (AND-J)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1705 km
 88.20	0931	E	RNE R.Clásica, Monte Páramo (GAL-LU)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1355 km
 89.70	0934	E	RNE R.Nacional, Soria/Cerro de Santa Ana (CAL-SO)	Talk / Interview	PI:E211 PS:RNE_1___	1254 km
 90.00	0937	E	RNE R.Nacional, Aranda de Duero/Pradales (CAL-BU)	Talk - interview (Tent)		1326 km
 90.00	0937	E	RNE R.Nacional, Aranda de Duero/Pradales (CAL-BU)	Talk - interview (Tent)		1326 km
 90.90	0937	E	RNE R.Clásica, La Muela (ARA-Z)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1233 km
 87.80	0944	E	Los 40 Principales, Madridejos (CAM-TO)		PI:E235 PS:	1525 km
 88.30	0948	E	RNE R.Nacional, Barcelona/Collserola (CAT-B)		PI:E211 PS:RNE_1___	1194 km
 98.80	0951	E	RNE R.Clásica, Navacerrada/Bola del Mundo (MAD-M)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1402 km
 90.10	0955	E	RNE R.Nacional, Vigo/Monte Faro Domayo (GAL-PO)		PI:E211 PS:RNE_1___	1458 km
 97.10	0955	E	Cadena Dial, Zaragoza/Juslibol (ARA-Z)		PI:E237 PS:__DIAL__	1217 km
 97.30	0956	E	RNE R.Nacional, Valladolid/Cerro de San Cristóbal (CAL-VA)		PI:E211 PS:RNE_1___	1345 km
 89.60	1002	E	RNE R.Nacional, Barbastro (ARA-HU)		PI:E211 PS:RNE_1___	1159 km
 91.00	1003	E	Europa FM, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M)		PI:E2ED PS:EUROPAFM	1429 km
 91.10	1006	E	RNE R.Clásica, Rocacorba (CAT-GI)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1117 km
 87.90	1015	E	RNE R.4 Catalunya, Alpicat (CAT-L)		PI:E314 PS:RADIO_4_	1190 km
 87.80	1017	E	COPE, Vigo - Moaña/Monte Domaio (GAL-PO)		PI:E2CA PS:COPE__FM	1457 km
 88.00	1020	E	Radio Galega Música, Valga/Monte Xesteiras (GAL-PO)		PI:E4E1 PS:RGMUSICA	1420 km
 93.20	1040	E	RNE R.3, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M)		PI:E213 PS:RNE_3___	1429 km
 88.00	1121	ROU	Kiss FM, Bârlad (VS)	Also // web	PI:515A PS:KISS_FM_	1821 km
 87.90	1154	E	RNE R.Clásica, Bunyola/Alfabia (BAL-ML)		PI:E212 PS:RNE-CLAS	1375 km

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