Nhulunbuy – Gove Peninsula – Northern Territory

I had the opportunity to visit one of the most inhospitable regions of the world just before my arrival in Holland in August. I spent an entire month DXing on the Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory situated at the very top end of Australia. Arnhem Land is cut off from the rest of the world. To get there you either take a 700km dirt road trip from the main highway or do what most people do and fly into Nhulunbuy.

To stay there you need to get permission. It is all aboriginal land in that area and even the township of Nhulunbuy is leased by the Bauxite mining company Alcan. It is a scary place where many things can kill or injure you. If its not one of the burly miners in the Animal Bar then it’s the crocodiles and water buffalo’s that can attack on a long walk home through the town at 2am in the morning.

Dave Onley with Aboriginal Children

I was staying with another well known Australian dxer Craig Edwards. Most of our listening was done from home in Nhulunbuy. It is not too often that a dxer can have Ewe’s in his backyard and hear exotic dx on a nightly basis. There were times as well that we ventured to the local beach on sunset to try our luck at the harder to hear Nth and Latin American stations. We would put out 250m Bogs (Beverages on ground). It was okay putting the antenna’s out in the daylight hours but there was no way I was venturing out onto the beach after dark with 2 meter saltwater crocodiles lurking in the shadows waiting for its next meal.

During the day the groundwave signals were from Papua Province (Irian Jaya) 810 RRI Merauke was rock solid as was 765 RRI Tual Maluku, 819 RRI Nabire, 774 RRI Fak Fak. Australian stations apart from 990 Gove and 1044 Weipa & 1062 Thursday Island were non existent. Port Moresby on 585 was there for most of the day as well

Craig Edwards and Dave Onley - Arafura Sea

We didn’t do much morning stuff. When you consider that Europe was in summer and is in daylight most of the Australian morning listening period, there wouldn’t be anything of interest around anyway. In addition to this our African EWE didn’t work very well. During the local evening was a different matter, We went out to the local beach on half a dozen occasions for sunset listening to the America’s. I was basically attacking all the yanks I could find. You see I needed to report west coast North Americans, as in Europe, they wouldn’t be heard, so this was my last chance to hear these stations. Craig’s job however, was to hunt for very rare and never heard stations from Nhulunbuy. So I was like a B52 doing saturation bombing of reports whereas Craig was a sniper looking for prized targets.

The highlights of the beach sessions were hearing two new countries, namely Venezuela on 1280 and the US Virgin Islands on 1620. We had one sensational evening at home with an opening to the Pacific. I heard another new country for the first time, namely Marshal Islands on 1098. Along with other things like Micronesia on 1449, Fiji in // on 639, 684 and 1152, Tonga on 1017 and Palau was S9+ on 1584.02 If you look at our trail, I’ve only listed the frequency and station because it will take a long time to do up the full detail trail.

Locals in Nhulunbuy

List of stations heard in Gove N.T. Australia in July/August 2006

David Onley & Craig Edwards
Receivers = 2 Icom R75’s
DXing at home:

  • 3 EWE antennas 3m x 15m x 3m
  • 50 degrees to North America
  •  310 degrees to SE Asia
  •  260 degrees to Africa

*DXing at Nhulunbuy back beach from the car

  • 2 x 200 meter BOGs (Beverage of Ground)
  •  70 degrees to USA
  • 140 degrees to South America


567 KGUM Agana, Guam.
585 NBC Port Moresby, PNG. // 4890
585 Radio Sandaun, PNG. // 3205
612 KUAM Agana, Guam.
639 FBC Drasa, Fiji
684 FBC Labasa, Fiji
760* KGU Honolulu, Hawaii
801 KTWG Agana, Guam.
830 KHVH Honolulu, Hawaii
900 Radio West New Britain, PNG. // 3235
1017 A3Z Nuku’alofa, Tonga
1035 2ZB Wellington, NZ
1035 SIBC Honiara, Solomon Islands.
1040 KLHT Honolulu, Hawaii.
1080* KWAI Honolulu, Hawaii
1098 V7AB Majuro, Marshall Islands
1152 FBC Rakiraki, Fiji
1270 KNDI Honolulu, Hawaii.
1420 KKEA Honolulu, Hawaii.
1449 V6AH Kolonia, Micronesia
1460 KHRA Honolulu, Hawaii.
1500 KUMU Honolulu, Hawaii.
1540 KREA Honolulu, Hawaii.
1584 T8AA Voice of Palau, Koror, Palau.


189 Radio Rossii, Belogorsk, Russia.
279 Radio Rossii, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.
531 JOQG Morioka, Japan. (NHK1)
531 DXGH Santos City, Philippines.
540 JOMG Miyazaki, Japan (NHK1)
540 CNR2 multiple sites, China. // 6030
549 RV162 Tavrichanka, Russia.
549 CNR Fujian, China. // 1116
549 JOAP Naha, Japan. (NHK1)
558 DZXL Manila, Philippines.
567 JOIK Sapporo, Japan. (NHK1)
567 DXCH Cotabato City, Philippines.
576 DXMF Davao City, Philippines.
585 DXCP Santos City, Philippines.
585 JOPG Kushiro, Japan. (NHK1)
585 RRI Surabaya, Java.
594 JOAK Tokyo, Japan. (NHK1)
594 DZBB Quezon City, Philippines.
603 HLSA Namyang, South Korea.
610 V.O. the People of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
612 JOLK Fukuoka, Japan. (NHK1)
612 DYHP Cebu City, Philippines.
621 Pyongyang Bangsong, Chongjin, North Korea.
621 DXDC Davao City, Philippines.
630 RRI Makassar, Sulawesi.
630 CNR Hangzhou, China.
639 CNR multiple locations, China. // 1593
639 JOPB Shizuoka, Japan. (NHK2)
648 Armed Forces Network, Okinawa, Japan.
657 Pyongyang Pangsong, North Korea
666 DZRH Valenzuela, Philippines.
666 JOBK Osaka, Japan. (NHK1)
666 Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, China // 4940
675 JOVK or JOUG, Japan. (NHK1)
675 VOV1 Hanoi, Vietnam.
684 CNR Fujian, China. // 1089
693 JOAB Tokyo, Japan. (NHK2)
702 DZAS Valenzuela, Philippines.
711 DZYI Ilagan, Philippines.
711 HLKA Sorae, South Korea. KBS1
720 RV679 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.
720 CNR multiple locations, China. // 6040
720 RRI Ambon, Maluku.
729 RRI Nabire, Papua .
729 JOCK Nagoya, Japan. (NHK1)
738 BEL2 Baisha, Taiwan. // 1143
738 DZRB Manila, Philippines.
747 JOIB Sapporo, Japan. (NHK2)
756 JOGK Kumamoto, Japan. (NHK1)
756 CNR2 multiple sites, China. // 6030
765 RRI Tual, Maluku.
765 CNR Fujian, China. // 1089
774 RRI Fak Fak, Papua .
774 JOUB Akita, Japan. (NHK2)
774 DWWW Quezon City, Philippines.
783 Voice of Vietnam, Thoi Long, Vietnam.
801 Pyongyang Bansong, Hwadae, North Korea.
810 RRI Merauke, Papua .
819 DXUM Davao City, Philippines.
828 JOBB Osaka, Japan. (NHK2)
837 DYFM Iloilo City, Philippines.
846 DZRV Quezon City, Philippines
855 DXGO Davao City, Philippines.
864 JOXR Naha, Japan.
873 JOGB Kumamoto, Japan. (NHK2)
882 DWIZ Valenzuela, Philippines.
891 JOHK Sendai, Japan. (NHK1)
909 RRI Sorong, Papua . // 4871
909 JOCB Nagoya, Japan (NHK2)
909 CNR Fujian, China.
918 DZSR Quezon City, Philippines.
927 NHK1 Network, Japan.
936 DXIM Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
945 NHK1 Network, Japan.
945 CNR multiple locations, China. // 1035
954 JOKR Tokyo, Japan.
954 DZEM Manila, Philippines.
963 DYMF Cebu City, Philippines.
963 NHK1 Network, Japan.
972 DXKH Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
972 HLCA Dangjin, South Korea.
1008 JONR Osaka, Japan.
1008 CNR multiple locations, China.
1017 CRI Jilin, China.
1017 JOLB Fukuoka, Japan. (NHK2)
1017 DWLC Pagbilao, Philippines.
1026 RRI Serui, Papua
1026 DZAR Quezon City, Philippines.
1035 CNR Multiple locations, China. // 4460
1044 RRI Biak, Papua .
1044 CRI Changzhou, China.
1053 RRI Jayapura, Papua .
1053 JOAR Nagoya, Japan.
1062 DZEC Manila, Philippines.
1080 China Radio International, Kunming, China.
1080 KCBS Haeju, North Korea. // 2850
1089 CNR Fujian, China. // 765
1098 RTI Kouhu, Taiwan.
1107 JOCF Kagoshima, Japan.
1116 CNR Fujian, China. // 549
1116 DXAS Zamboanga, Philippines
1125 DXGM Davao City, Philippines.
1125 JOAD Okinawa, Japan (NHK2)
1134 CNR China. // 1593
1134 JOQR Tokyo, Japan.
1143 BEL3, Baisha, Taiwan. // 738
1143 JOBR Kyoto, Japan.
1161 DYRD Tagbilaram, Philippines.
1170 DXMR Zamboanga, Philippines.
1170 HLSR Gimje, South Korea.
1179 JOOR Osaka, Japan.
1179 DYSB Bacolod City, Philippines.
1188 DXIF Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
1188 HLKX Inchon, South Korea.
1197 DXFE, Davao City, Philippines.
1215 DYRF Cebu City, Philippines.
1224 DXED Davao City, Philippines.
1224 CNR Fujian, China. // 1089
1224 JOJK Kanazawa, Japan (NHK1)
1233 DYVS Bacolod City, Philippines.
1242 JOLF Tokyo, Japan.
1242 Voice of Vietnam, Thoi Long, Vietnam.
1251 RV70 Ussuriysk, Russia.
1260 JOIR Sendai, Japan.
1260 DXRF Davao City, Philippines.
1269 CRI Yunnan, China.
1278 JOFR Fukuoka, Japan.
1287 JOHR Sapporo, Japan.
1296 DXAB Davao City, Philippines.
1314 JOUF Osaka, Japan.
1322 DXAD Marawi City, Philippines.
1332 JOSF Nagoya, Japan.
1332 RRI Jakarta, Indonesia.
1341 CRI Guangzhou, China.
1350 JOER Hiroshima , Japan
1359 Family Radio, Fangliao, Taiwan.
1359 CNR Multiple locations, China. // 1224
1377 CNR Zhengzhou, China. // 1593
1386 HLAM Mokpo, South Korea.
1395 RRI Wamena, Papua
1404 DXAQ Davao City, Philippines.
1413 JOIF Fukuoka, Japan.
1422 JORF Yokohama, Japan.
1422 CRI Kashi, China.
1440 JOWF Sapporo, Japan.
1458 DYZZ Guihulgan, Philippines.
1467 HLKN Mokpo, South Korea. // 711
1467 DXVP Bolong, Philippines.
1476 DXRJ Iligan City, Philippines.
1485 DYDH Iloilo City, Philippines.
1494 BEE32 Wanhua, Taiwan
1494 JOTL Nayoro, Japan. // 1287
1494 DXOC Ozamis, Philippines.
1494 DWSS Quezon City, Philippines.
1503 Family Radio, Fangliao, Taiwan.
1503 JOUK Akita, Japan. (NHK1)
1512 DYAB Cebu, Philippines.
1521 JOLZ Yonago, Japan. NHK2
1530 DZME Bulacan, Philippines.
1539 DZYM San Jose, Philippines.
1548 DW Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.
1557 Family Radio, Kouhu, Taiwan.
1566 DXID Pagadian, Philippines.
1566 All India Radio, Nagpur, India.
1566 HLAZ Jeju, South Korea.
1575 DXJR Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.
1575 VOA Ban Pachi, Thailand.
1593 CNR, China. // 4460
1593 BEL Tocheng, Taiwan. // 738 1143
1593 DXSK Marawai City, Philippines.
1602 JOSB Kitakyushu, Japan. (NHK2)


909 VOA Sibele Pikwe, Botswana.
1233 Trans World Radio, Monte Carlo, Cyprus.
1233 Radio Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo, Cyprus.
1296 Azadi Radio, Kabul, Afghanistan.
1377 Trans World Radio, Gavar, Armenia.
1413 BBC Masirah Island, Oman.
1440 BSKSA Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
1449 IRIB Bandar-e-Torkaman, Iran.
1467 Trans World Radio Roumoules, Monaco.
1494 Radio Jordan, Al Karanah, Jordan.
1530 VOA Pinheira, Sao Tome.
1539 Radiodiffusion Vision, Djibouti.
1548 Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol, Moldova.
1575 Radio Farda, Al Dhabiya, UAE.
1593 VOA Kuwait City, Kuwait.


580* KMJ Fresno, CA.
680 KNBR San Francisco, CA.
710* KIRO Seattle, WA.
760* KFMB San Diego, CA.
880 KRVN Lexington, NE.
940 KWRU Fresno, CA
960* KALE Richmond, WA.
1020 KTNQ Los Angeles, CA.
1030* KTWO Casper, WY
1040* CKST Vancouver, Canada.
1050 KCTC San Mateo, CA.
1070 KNX Los Angeles, CA.
1090 KPTK Seattle, WA.
1100 KFAX San Francisco, CA.
1110 KDIS Pasadena, CA.
1110* KFAB Omaha, NE.
1120 KPNW Eugene, OR.
1130 KRDU Dinuba, CA.
1140 KHTK Sacramento, CA.
1140* Caracol, Colombia
1150 KTLK Los Angeles, CA.
1160 KSL Salt Lake City, UT.
1180 Radio Marti, Marathon, FL.
1180 Radio Rebelde, Cuba.
1190 KEX Portland, OR.
1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX.
1200 KYAA Soquel, CA.
1210* XEVZ Mexico
1280 KXTK Arroyo Grande, CA.
1290* Radio Apollo, Venezuela
1310 KMKY Oakland, CA.
1320* XENET Mexico.
1330* KLBS Los Banos, CA.
1380 KTKZ Sacramento, CA.
1410 CFUN Vancouver, Canada.
1430 KFIG Fresno, CA.
1460 KABL Salinas, CA.
1470 CJVB Vancouver, BC.
1470 KUTY Palmdale, CA.
1470* XERCN Tijuana, Mexico.
1480 KYOS Merced, CA.
1510 KGA Spokane, WA.
1520 KOKC Oklahoma City, OK.
1530 KFBK Sacramento, CA.
1540 KXEL Waterloo, IA.
1560 KNZR Bakersfield, CA.
1570* XERF La Poderosa, Mexico.
1590 KKZZ Ventura, CA.
1590* XEVOZ Mexico.
1600 KGST Fresno, CA.
1620* WDHP Frederiksted, US Virgin Islands
1640 KDIA Vallejo, CA.
1650 KFOX Torrance, CA.
1660 KTIQ Merced, CA.
1670 KHPY Moreno Valley, CA.
1690 KFSG Roseville, CA.
1700 KVNS Brownsville, TX.
1700 XEPE Tecate, Mexico.